Red Dirt RubyConf 2011

  • Keynote
    Aaron Patterson
    Open source contributions include:
    ARel, Nokogiri, and Mechanize
    Aaron Patterson - AT&T Interactive
  • Keynote
    Dr Nic Williams
    Open source contributions include:
    Hudson.rb, RoR Textmate Bundle, and ChocTop
    Dr Nic Williams - Engine Yard
  • Conference Themes
    nike air mag
    'Douglas Family Gold' show follows gymnast Gabby Douglas' family as she looks toward Rio Olympics gymnast Gabby Douglas at the Olympic media summit on March 7, 2016, in Los Angeles. (Washington Post photo by Jonathan Newton) Gabby Douglas is aiming to be the rare woman gymnast to compete in multiple Olympics. (Duane Prokop, Oxygen) Arielle Hawkins, Gabby Douglas and Joyelle Douglas will all be part of "Douglas Family Gold." (Duane Prokop, Oxygen) Natalie Hopkins remembers thinking it couldn get worse than having to explain to her children why they couldn take showers after playing sports all afternoon. Struggling to rear four children largely alone, Hopkins was forced to go on disability in 2009. With only a trickle of money coming in and the family Virginia Beach home in foreclosure, she couldn afford to pay the water bill. team had won gold at the world championships. "She was sobbing so much. I heard her say that she was all alone and had no one to celebrate with," recalled Hopkins, who couldn afford the trip to watch her daughter compete in Tokyo. "I cried and told her, will never miss another competition as long as you in this sport no matter where you go on this continent or another. I will always be there for you. women to the prestigious team gold, was among the more riveting stories of the Summer Games. Her world changed overnight, as global media scrambled to tell the story of the 4 foot 11 trailblazer who traveled such a difficult road. Book publishers and talk show hosts called. An autobiography, "Grace, Gold and Glory: My Leap of Faith," followed, as did a Lifetime biopic, "The Gabby Douglas Story," an Essence cover story, a Vanity Fair profile and visits with Oprah and First Lady Michelle Obama. Four years later, Douglas has evolved in many respects. Now 20, she has grown 2 1/2 inches. Her natural, girlish beauty has a sophisticated polish. The life of her family has evolved, too. Joined by her elder daughters, Arielle and Joyelle, and son Johnathan, Hopkins moved from Virginia Beach to an elegant home in the San Fernando Valley near Los Angeles, to better manage Gabby career. Douglas place in Olympic history is assured. Signed to marketing deals with AT nike 2017 hyperdunk Nike, Citi and Procter Gamble, she also has a line of leotards that bear her nike 3.0 name. Instead of resting on these achievements, Douglas is girding for the next challenge: a place on the 2016 Rio Olympic team and pursuit of another medal. Olympic media summit in March. "And I really want to do that: to go all out and do bigger gymnastics than I did before." And if she wins a third gold medal, she said, it will belong to her entire family. That belief is the launching point of a six week reality series, "Douglas Family Gold," that debuts Wednesday night on Oxygen. It chronicles the shared sacrifice and joy of the six family members behind Douglas pursuit of a second Olympics: her grandmother, who goes by "Miss Carolyn," who lives with Johnson in Columbus, where she now trains; Hopkins, self described "mom ager" of Johnson career; and the three elder siblings who round out the close knit support team. Rod Aissa, the network executive vice president of programming, believes Douglas drive and determination to fight for a spot in Rio will resonate with a broad audience. "She wants to leave a real mark, and that incredibly inspiring," Aissa nike f shoes said. "And her family has been a huge source of support." Hopkins acknowledged she was initially wary of the idea of a family based reality series, unsure about surrendering her privacy to that extent. It was Arielle, her eldest child, who swayed her. "She said, we do anything wrong, that going in the paper. We going to be in the public eye no matter what, so the private information isn as private as you think! Hopkins recalled. Despite Douglas achievements, she is not guaranteed to qualify for the Rio Olympics though she has made impressive strides this year. In March she won her second competition of 2016, following her all around gold at the AT American Cup with all around gold at the City of Jesolo Trophy in Italy. Olympic trials in San Jose on July 8 10. The competitive life cycle of a female gymnast is brief and cruel. David Kruse, a former gymnast turned orthopedist who coordinates medical care for USA Gymnastics and serves as team physician to the men squad, said the goal for female gymnasts is to peak on an Olympic cycle, ideally at age 16 to 18. "The peak tends to be in those mid adolescent years, where with men, it older," Kruse explained. Simply making a second Olympic team is a tall order for women. Just a handful have done it. Dominique Dawes, the outlier among them, competed at three Olympics. And more than 40 years have passed since any woman won back to back all around gold, Vera Caslavska of Czechoslovakia in 1964 and 1968.